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Are You Having Trouble With Leaky Home AC in Ashland?


Ashland Leaky AC RepairIf you have lived in a home in Ashland for any amount of time, you have probably had to deal with leaky home ac units before. Today 90% of all the AC repair calls that we receive in Ashland begin with a leaky home AC problem. There are a few different things that can cause an AC leak. For example, the AC line can become clogged or the condensate line might back up. In fact, we just had a call from one Ashland homeowner a few weeks back with just this very problem. When they first called us they said that the closet was leaking water and they weren’t sure why. We set up appointment for later in the afternoon to take a look at it.

When we showed up it did not take long to realize that the leaky home AC was a result of a backed up condensate line. This was flooding their Ashland home’s AC overflow pan and ultimately causing water to leak out of the closet. We fixed the leaky home AC problem by blowing the line out with air from our air compressor. This helps to clear all the extra dirt and debris out of the condensate line which allows it to work as intended once again. After the project was finished the Ashland family was happy that the problem had been taken care of so they would not need to worry about any leaky home AC problems again for a while.

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If you are having problems with leaky home AC in your Ashland home, give MasterTech a call. Our team is full of trained professionals who can take care of all of your leaky home AC repairs in Ashland. We know that living with a full home AC system that is not working properly is not a fun experience, so we will always do our best to take care of any issues quickly and effectively.