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Reasons to Have Your Boiler Replaced

Boilers are generally located in remote locations of the house and that is the main reason why homeowners tend to neglect them. Despite being extremely important in maintaining temperature and ventilation, boilers are often forgotten until the moment they stop working. If your boiler is many years old or is giving problems frequently, it may be time to replace it with a newer and more efficient model. Boiler replacement has many more advantages than you can imagine.


More Reliable, Dependable, and Safer

New boilers are significantly safer to use and are equipped with newer technologies to prevent injuries and accidents due to fail-safe mechanisms and emergency shut off valves. The older your boiler, the less dependable it becomes. If it is over twelve years old, it is best to replace it with a newer model that is dependable and reliable. What makes modern boilers better than traditional ones is their sleek design. They take up less space and provide better performance with the same amount of fuel.


Save Energy Bills and the Environment 

One of the biggest benefits of boiler replacement is increased savings. Newer models of boilers are known to be more eco-friendly and easy on power consumption. While the boiler itself can cost you higher than the previous model, you will notice the difference over a few months and save substantially. It has been estimated that you can save up to 20% on fuel bills by replacing your older boiler with a new energy efficient one. Some excellent boiler models are known to consume gas with an efficiency rate of 86%, a number favorable to the environment.