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What do New Boilers Offer Compared to the Older Models?

Finding the right boiler is not alway easy

Many homeowners often do not get that new boiler they need the most until something drastic happens. This is something that you should avoid at all costs. A new boiler will offer you with a multitude of new and improved features along with a choice to save up on your energy bills. So if you are still wondering what your Columbia boiler installation will get you compared to an older model, you are at the right place.



Technology is constantly evolving and the same is true with boiler installations too. As a result, you may happen to come across something new once every few months. However, that does not mean you should replace your boiler once every few months. An average boiler has a life span of about 10 years. However, if you find that the newer models outperform your boiler by a large margin, it is time to replace it. To determine this, you should conduct regular energy audits and follow the recommendations from the professionals.



Energy efficiency is the most important part of a boiler installation for your Columbia home. Newer boiler models provide efficiency as high as a 98% compared to the 85% of the boiler models about 5 years ago. The incredible gap in the efficiency can make a huge difference to your Columbia home. Your winters will continue to remain warm and you will be able to save more. Installing highly efficient boilers will also make sure that you get tax credits which is yet another advantage you can derive from a new boiler.