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Storage Rental Services

We Provide Storage Services for Homeowners and Businesses in Columbia

Columbia, MO Storage Rental Services

Storage on the Spot provides storage services for homeowners and businesses throughout the Columbia area. We rent metal shipping containers and ship the containers to the location, so that there is no need to pick them up. Additionally, all storage containers are lockable.


Common Uses That Homeowners and Businesses Use Our Storage Containers for Include:

  • Extra storageColumbia, MO Storage Rental Services
  • Short term construction projects
  • Long term construction projects
  • Garbage disposal
  • And many more!


The benefit of using our container rental services is that you can keep these containers for any length of time. This benefits contractors who might only need them for a few months for a smaller project, a contractor who might need them for a couple of years because of a large scale project, or even a homeowner who just wants to have containers to hold their materials because they don’t have enough space in their home.


The rental fee for these containers is $85 a month. For additional information, call 573-303-5821 today. Contact us today and mention the coupon on the page, you’ll receive $35 off the first month’s rental of your storage container.


Call 573-303-5821 today for more information on container rental services with Storage on the Spot. We serve all of Columbia and surrounding areas.