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How to Choose the Best Furnace in Boonville

Boonville Furnace InsatllationIf you live in Boonville, you’re probably familiar with the very cold winters that can hit this region. Imagine how some of our customers felt with when their furnace began giving them trouble last winter. Because we’re nearby in Boonville, an “install furnace” search brought up our name and they called us. We discussed what they needed in their home and gave them a quote on a new furnace. Our customers found that our quote was very reasonable, and made plans to go ahead with the installation. After the new furnace was installed, our customers told us they were so pleased that the process was problem-free. They were also happily surprised at how neat and professional our technicians were.

One of the main considerations when choosing a new furnace is the type of heat you’d like to use. No matter what the energy source is, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Gas furnaces are the most economical way to get heat when the temperature goes lower than freezing. Propane or oil furnaces are very powerful sources of heat, but they also require storage tanks on the property, taking up a significant amount of space. Oil furnaces are a lot dirtier in their function, leaving behind grime and soot after burning. Also, the price for oil can fluctuate making oil heat a lot more expensive at times.

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The most common third option is an electric furnace, which is another choice to use instead of natural gas furnaces. However, the amount of electricity needed to heat the coils can cause your electric bill to rise significantly. One of the best choices you can make for your furnace installation project is a heat pump. In addition to transferring heat from one air source to another air stream, they also act like an air conditioner in the hot months. If you choose a heat pump for your home in Boonville, no furnace installation projects will be appearing on your to-do list.