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furnace-clientA freezing cold Fulton home due to a broken heater isn’t fun – at all. There can be numerous reasons why your heater stops working. A common one is a burnt out pilot switch. When a pilot switch burns out, a fire will no longer burn in the furnace and the home won’t be heated.

If you notice a fire is no longer burning in your furnace and think it might be because of a burnt out pilot switch, call MasterTech today. We’ll gladly accept your call and send one of our furnace repair technicians right over. We’re experts in Fulton furnace repair. Our skills, knowledge, and experience allows us to fix any and all heater problems, including burnt pilot switches.

Just recently, we had a situation where a Fulton homeowner called us because his heater wasn’t working properly. His family woke up in the morning to a freezing cold house and were all miserable. He was worried because he had no knowledge of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, and didn’t know what to do. Additionally, he wanted to get the problem fixed so his family wouldn’t have to spend any more time in their ice box of a home. He called us and we sent a furnace repair technician over right away. The furnace repair technician diagnosed the problem as a burnt out pilot switch. He replaced the switch, cleaned the burners, and made sure the burner was working properly, which it was.

If You Need Furnace Repair in Fulton, Call MasterTech Today

In the end, the customer was glad he called MasterTech. We saved him time, money, and frustrations. More importantly, we fixed the problem with his heater, so his family didn’t have to spend more time in a freezing Fulton home. All in all, everyone was happy. The customer said he would be contacting us again should he have any more trouble.