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Furnace Installation and Replacements

Furnace Replacements and Furnace Installations in Columbia MO

A furnace is one of the best safeguards against the cold. If you are not sure about what kind of furnace you want to install in your Columbia area home, contact Master Tech today. Never try to install a furnace on your own. Furnaces contain delicate electrical equipment, which can be damaged if they are handled by an amateur. Then there is also the safety factor.

Columbia, MO Furnace Installation & Replacement

Alternatively, if your old furnace is getting too expensive to maintain and you want to go for furnace replacement, contact us today.

Save on Your Energy Bill and Install a New Furnace

There are mainly two types of furnaces for homes- gas furnaces and oil furnaces. The most common type in the U.S is the gas furnace, which uses propane or natural gas as fuel. Oil furnaces can still be found in some homes, if the owner is able to procure fuel oil.

Older gas furnaces have an AFUE (annual fuel efficiency rating) of 68 percent to 72 percent. The annual fuel efficiency rating refers to the amount of fuel the system is able to convert into heat. The latest gas furnaces have AFUE ratings of up to 97 percent.


We Will Replace and Install Any Furnace Brand in Your Columbia Home

A furnace can be bulky, so it is best to place it in the basement. If you do not have a basement, you can even place the furnace in a crawl space (if it is wide enough) or an attic. There are many brands of furnaces available in the US. The most popular ones are Trane, Ruud, Rheem, Lennox, Carrier, American Standard and Bryant.

We Perform Furnace Installations and Replacements in the Columbia Area. Call 573-303-5821 Today. We Provide 24/7 Emergency Furnace Services.