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Heating System Maintenance and Tune Ups

Heating Tune Ups and Heating System Maintenance in Columbia MO

Traditionally, heating and cooling will make up around a third of the utilities costs you face at your home. Like any other pieces of machinery, these systems need to be properly maintained from time to time to ensure that your comfort is not compromised or that your energy costs do not skyrocket suddenly. Ensuring that your heating system is properly maintained will help you save significantly. If heating systems are not properly maintained, they run the risk of depreciating quickly.
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Our heating maintenance service will not only be able to undertake tune ups and maintenance at your home, but will also be able to provide you with a detailed schedule for maintenance so that your comfort and safety is protected.

Why Heating Tune Ups Will Improve the Life of Your Heating System

Heating Tune Ups in ColumbiaAt Master Tech, we have a reliable team of professionals qualified to perform all kinds of maintenance related services.

Our heating maintenance services include complete filter assessment and restoration. One of the reasons why heating costs will rise over time is because filters aren’t cleaned enough and then they get clogged or become dirty. When this happens, the airflow through the unit is hampered, causing you to incur disproportionate costs to energy usage. We can clean or replace existing filters so that energy efficiency is restored.

We can install electronic air cleaners that automatically remove any dust particles or debris that gathers within your heating unit. These cleaners use a safe ionization process that removes over 90 percent of the dust particles that would otherwise circulate through your home.

We can also install alarm systems in your heating system that will inform you when maintenance work is required. Most heaters produce trace amounts of carbon monoxide, but a poorly functioning heater can eventually produce dangerous amounts. These alarm systems will calculate the amount of carbon monoxide present and let you know when your heater needs maintenance.

Make Sure to Schedule a Regular Maintenance for Your Columbia Home’s Heating System

Setting schedule with regard to heating maintenance is a must if you want to maintain energy efficiency as well as protect your health. At Master Tech, we thoroughly assess the state of your heater and identify how often it will require maintenance or tune ups.

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