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The Best Plumbers in Centralia for Your Kitchen Sink Plumbing

Plumber with Kitchen Sink 4At times, nothing seems more important than your kitchen sink—especially when it’s leaking. That’s what happened to our customers in their Centralia home. They called MasterTech to come out and see why their kitchen sink plumbing was leaking. Our expert plumber soon determined that the drainpipe that connected the sink to the drain trap had rusted through. The plumber replaced entire piping for the trap with new PVC piping, so no more rusting will occur. Our customers appreciated the fast and thorough work of the MasterTech plumber.

Damage under the sink

How does a pipe below a sink rust through? Depending on the age and the composition of the pipe, this is not uncommon. The traps hold water for hours and days so it’s not surprising that rust could get a start here. Add to the water any chemicals that might have been used to clean a clog, which weakens the pipe further. Once the rusting process begins, the integrity of the pipe will be compromised and will get worst with time.

Preventing a tragedy under the sink

The trap that makes up the kitchen sink plumbing is a common birthplace of clogs. With the U-shape and the likelihood of particulate matter coming down from the sink, it’s classically a place where stuff collects and clogs form.

Leaving a clog as it is and letting it grow even larger in size can actually cause the pipes under the sink to burst. If the clog is allowed to grow, it will increase pressure inside the pipes, and sometimes that pressure will cause weak pipe walls to break, creating a massive leak.

If you have a clog, try clearing it manually with an auger from the hardware store. Do not use chemicals to clean your drain and pipes. They not only can cause damage to your pipes, they’re also bad for the environment.

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If you live near Centralia have questions about how to keep the underside of your kitchen sink plumbing free flowing and free from rust, please give MasterTech a call. One of our expert plumbers or our highly knowledgeable office staff will gladly answer your questions.