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Repair Furnace Igniter in Fulton MO

Fixing a Furnace Igniter in Fulton Missouri

Boonville Furnace InsatllationWhat do you do when your furnace begins to show signs of not working and you live in Fulton? Furnace repairs are close by if you reach out to MasterTech for help on solving your problem. For some of our customers who have a home in Fulton, furnace repairs became a huge priority when their furnace began acting up. They called us to come out and take a look. Our expert technicians immediately found a furnace igniter than wasn’t working properly. Our professional techs made sure the gas was turned off, put in a new igniter, relit the pilot light and the furnace was working well once again. Our customers were very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of our technicians.

The electronic ignition systems are an energy saving system developed as an improvement of the old-fashioned pilot light. In older gas furnaces in Fulton, furnace repairs are sometimes necessary to maintain the pilot light. A pilot light is a light of lit gas that burns continually, and the continual burning decreases the efficiency of the furnace. It is also more unreliable than its newer, more modern relative, the electronic ignition. Whether you live in Fulton or just near it, furnace repairs to a newer furnace with an electronic ignition are much less common than repairs to the older versions using a pilot light.

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With the intermittent pilot system, high voltage that is electronically controlled uses a spark to ignite the gas pilot light on an as needed basis. The pilot light then lights the gas burners to produce the heat. In a hot surface ignition, a resistance-heating element (which is a lot like a light bulb element) is used to ignite the gas burner. All types of furnaces are used throughout our region, including Fulton, so furnace repairs to the ignition system depend on the heat source or the way the pilot light is ignited.