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How Does a Solar Heater Work?

As an increasing number of individuals shift towards more sustainable and energy saving devices in their homes in Columbia, solar water heater installations have grown significantly in popularity. Solar heaters provide a great energy efficient alternative to more traditional forms of heating. While solar water heater technology is still being developed, it has already proved to be one of the most effective ways to reduce your energy consumption. If you are planning on installing a solar water heater in your home in Columbia, get in touch with service providers like Master Tech.

Understanding solar heaters

The principle behind solar heater technology lies in using the heat and radiation directly emitted from the sun. A solar heater panel consists of long tubing. When a solar heater is turned on, fluid is passed through these tubes. The tubes are exposed to the sun’s rays and heat up over time. As such, the fluids within the tube also rise in temperature.

Once they reach a particular temperature, these fluids are no longer maintained in a close loop, and flow to the water cylinders in your home’s boiler or immersion heater. The fluid continues to heat the water in the boiler until a particular temperature is attained. You can regulate this temperature by controlling the water cylinder’s coil.

Types of solar water heaters

There are currently two kind of solar water heaters available in the market. These are flat plate collector heaters, and evacuated tube collectors. Evacuated tube collectors have shown to be more energy efficient than its flat plate counterparts during the colder seasons. However, studies have shown that over the entire course of the year, both types of solar heaters have been shown to be as energy efficient as each other.