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How Sewer Cleaning Services Protect Columbia Homes From Water Contamination

Residential and commercial toilets and drainage connect to private sewer systems that lie underneath establishments. These sewage pipes are typically built approximately ten feet below the other clean water piping so as to avoid any kind of contamination from occurring. However, sewer pipes still develop their own problems when frequent care and maintenance is not undertaken.

What Does Sewer Cleaning Involve?

The process of sewer cleaning will depend entirely on the nature and scale of the blockage or clogging issue. The professionals at Master Tech Plumbing use a range of different cleaning techniques when going about this a sewer cleaning. Some of the most common techniques we use include:

• Flushing out sediments, dirt and other kinds of debris using high pressure systems that use water. This is one of the more common techniques that we use in our sewer cleaning process.
• Root intrusion from trees and plants that grow above sewer pipes can also be effectively removed by using sewer jet trucks equipped with a hydraulic motor as well as a cutting device.
• Mounted bucket machines can also be placed at two different manholes. The bucket is then fitted into the piping, and sweeps the sewer from one manhole all the way to the other. This is also an effective way of clearing debris within the piping.
• Vacuum jets are also used to siphon out sediment and debris that the sewer jet trucks are unable to remove.

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If you have noticed that your water bill is gradually rising over time, or there are pools of water gathering in the gardened area around your home or commercial establishment, there likely a sewer line issue with your home or business.