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Air Conditioning Replacement and Installation Services in the Mid-Missouri Area

Our HVAC technicians deal with air conditioning installation, repair, and general maintenance of central air conditioning and heating units. Such systems utilize a network of ductwork and vents allowing a cooling unit or furnace to blow hot or cold air in the entire building or home. Our trained and knowledgeable HVAC professionals always perform reliable air conditioning installations all over Columbia and the Mid-Missouri area.

The most convenient and quiet way to cool an entire home is via an HVAC system. A Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System commonly referred to as an HVAC system is an all-weather machine that supplies hot or cold air to your home or commercial building at your convenience.

An HVAC system utilizes a network of ductwork and vents to blow hot or cold air through entire buildings or houses. Our HVAC technicians can handle both the installation and maintenance of central air conditioning and heating units. We are also proud to say that we can perform reliable air conditioning installations all over Columbia, MO and surrounding mid-Missouri towns.

Why should you go for air conditioning replacement?

Environmentally Friendly

A new HVAC system is not only easy on the environment, but they can also help you reduce your heating and cooling bills. A simple AC tune-up or air conditioning repair can add years to the life of your HVAC system, but at the same time you may be able to save more money by installing a new system. New systems have higher SEER ratings (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) and can help save energy and money.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

When you own a car that has to continuously go to the mechanic for major repairs every few months, it may be time to pull the plug and get a new car. That same line of thinking applies to an AC unit or HVAC system as well. An HVAC system is a significant investment, and at some point, it can make financial and long-term sense to upgrade to a newer HVAC system. Our HVAC professionals are more than willing to help diagnose your air conditioning unit, furnace, ducts, and everything that goes into your homes HVAC system and help you determine whether or not you should upgrade.

These new HVAC systems will pay for themselves within a few years. New HVAC systems also come with comfort control, programmable thermostats, superior airflow, a long operating life, extended warranties, better resale value and finally, peace and quiet.

When to go for an HVAC system replacement?

You should seriously consider an air conditioning replacement if your air conditioner is older than 20 years. If your system is between 10 to 20 years old, call in an HVAC expert, and he will tell you whether you should replace your air conditioning system or if an AC repair is still a viable option.

Schedule an AC Unit Inspection

Contact us for air conditioning installations in Centralia, Fulton, Boonville and throughout Columbia. Our number is (573) 777-3660.

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"I had CJ come out to do an HVAC inspection on a property we are buying, just to ensure that everything was working well. CJ was prompt, polite, knowledgeable, and very thorough! We had a full report within minutes of him leaving the property! I would highly recommend CJ and MasterTech to everyone I know!"
- Courtney, Moberly, MO

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