“Airflow is the key to your entire HVAC system.” This seemingly obvious statement from Corey Richmond, one of our talented technicians, hit me like a lightning strike. He went on to explain how those little one-inch thick filters which cost less than $20, in most cases, are the key component to an efficiently operating air conditioner and/or furnace. It was a great reminder, and something that might just save you a lot of money and help you avoid sitting in a steamy house waiting to have your air conditioning repaired.

Dirty vs Clean HVAC System Filter


If you don’t change out your filter, it will get clogged with dirt, dust, hair and other debris. Air cannot flow into your AC unit and around the evaporator coils where heat and moisture are removed. This will result in the coils of your AC unit “freezing up” and your system will stop functioning as designed, causing the temperature in your house to rise. A hot, humid house is not ideal, but that may be just a symptom of a more serious problem.

Once you replace the filter on a frozen-up system, it can lead to other issues. As the system thaws, it may fill up your drain pan too quickly which can cause it to overflow. This pan is often located above your furnace and control board. If the control board gets wet, it can lead to a malfunctioning HVAC system or cause it to stop working all together. Depending on the age and efficiency level of your system, an HVAC repair may be so expensive that a brand-new high efficiency system might be a better choice in the long run.

In today’s hectic world, it can be hard to remember to inspect and change your HVAC filter on a consistent basis. MasterTech offers maintenance plans that include having your filters changed for you. Simply contact our office today at (573) 777-3660 and we’ll be happy to discuss your plan options. Better yet is to schedule an AC or Furnace tune up for just $77* and your service technician can discuss your options with you in person at your home and once you sign up for a maintenance plan, you’ll save 10% on all HVAC & Plumbing services in the future!

*price subject to the change after 2019