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Drain Clearing Tips and Tricks

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Drain Clearing Tips and Tricks for Your Home’s Plumbing

Let’s face it; clogs happen. Toilets, sinks and bathtubs all get stopped up from time to time. It would be well worth a homeowner’s time to learn a few tips to unclog them. There are times that a plumber needs to be called in, but sometimes a DIYer can handle clearing a drain by himself or herself. One thing to remember is that if it doesn’t unclog with a moderate amount of pressure, it would be best to call in the professionals at MasterTech to prevent further damage.

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4 Reasons Not to Use Liquid Drain Cleaners

Liquid drain cleaners are popular because they provide a no-fuss way to clear out clogged drains. They might work in some cases to solve the problem of clogging, but only temporarily. Plumbing professionals like MasterTech in Columbia do not recommend liquid drains cleaners as a long-term solution for drain maintenance.

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Is a Tree Killer the Answer to Your Sewer Pipe Clog

As a homeowner or resident living in Columbia, you are responsible for the maintenance of your home’s plumbing and sewer system. Plumbing and piping on a property can become clogged for a number of reasons, but one of the most common problems homeowners face with respect to sewer lines, is that of tree root invasion. Tree roots place immense pressure on sewer lines and septic tanks, and eventually cause them to develop structural weaknesses. Over time, sewer lines can become weak at particular points and begin cracking. While tree roots do not crush sewer lines, they can be the cause for leakages, if not dealt with swiftly.

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How Do Sewer Lines Get Clogged

The lucky ones among us will never have to deal with a clogged sewer line cleaning. It is one of those plumbing problems, which requires immediate attention. This could do serious damage to your Columbia house as a blocked sewer line will push the sewage back up out of the drains. A sewer line can get clogged due to number of reasons.

External factorsObstructions in sewer lines can be caused by tree roots. Drains are a source of water and nutrients for trees and hence their roots find their way into the sewer pipes. With time their roots collect the debris thereby further clogging the sewer pipes. As the trees continue to grow and as their roots grow stronger, the severe the sewer clogging situation can get.The wear and tear in the pipes inside the sewers can also lead to clogging problems.What you put in is what you get outSolid objects like tissues and papers and female hygiene products can cause blocks that can require sewer line cleaning.Also toilet paper made of thicker material is not good for the drains. If toilet paper is used in a large quantity at one time and flushed down the toilet, there is a chance of it clogging the drain.Solid food particles and fatty stuff down the kitchen drain can also in the long run cause blockages in a sewer line.Toys when flushed down the toilet by curious kids or anything that falls into it by mistake are all things that can cause a sewer drain to choke up.

Sewer and Drain Inspections

Have you recently found that your home in Columbia is suffering from a drainage problem? A home’s sewer and drain system is not something that one typically thinks about on a day to day basis. When maintained regularly with care, a drainage or sewer system is unlikely to cause you much trouble. However, if you ignore what you are putting into your drain, you will soon find yourself with a problem that can be quite expensive to repair. More often than not, a drainage problem does not mean that your sewer system is also compromised. If water is not draining properly, whether it is in your kitchen or your home’s bathrooms, there is a strong possibility that your drain may be clogged. Drains become clogged for a number of reasons. Soap scum, hair, dirt, debris and other foreign objects can cause this. Other less common causes include incorrect piping installation, damaged pipes and storms.

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