Five Signs You Need New Bathroom Plumbing

Bathroom repairs are inevitable. However, there are times repairs won’t work and you will need to replace the plumbing in parts or entirely in your Columbia home. Consult a plumber to assess the damage on your bathroom plumbing fixtures such as bathtub, faucets, sinks, toilet and showers.

Some signs that indicate the need to replace your bathroom plumbing

  • Leaks and clogs – Leaky taps most often need minor bathroom repairs. But if the problem persists, replacing the old with new is the only solution to this. If water drains slowly in your sink or tub, you might need to replace your drain parts.
  • Cracks – Cracked tiles certainly need a replacement. You can try to fix the tile with an adhesive but the cracks will still show. Also cracks on the toilet or taps won’t work well with repairs. You need to replace the components for their proper functioning.
  • Mold – If mold appears in your bathroom, it means that something is not right with the plumbing. Mold on the walls and ceiling means water is flowing where it shouldn’t and the sooner you replace the plumbing causing the mold the better.
  • Faulty flush – A flush tank contains many smaller parts and when they malfunction or experience wear and tear, bathroom repairs won’t do. Assess the damage and replace the tank.
  • Outdated hardware – Your bathroom fixtures may have gone outdated, and even if they require repairs, you might have to replace the plumbing such as taps, shower heads with new ones because of the unavailability of the old parts used in the market.
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