Get a Drain Inspection Performed on Your Home Today

Clogged Drains can cause big problems with your plumbing

Although drain piping is made of strong and durable material, it still frequent care and maintenance to ensure that the piping system in your Columbia home does not encounter any problems. There are wide ranges of problems that can occur with regard to your drain and piping systems, which is hiring a professional plumbing service to undertake a drain inspection is always a wise decision. Drain and piping problems can crop up in a number of forms,

Be wary of clogging and blockages

Clogging is one of the most common problems associated with drains and pipes. Clogging occurs when large amounts of greasy or solid material become lodged within pipes, reducing the flow of water through the drain. It is extremely important to solve a clogging problem immediately as it will get worse very quickly.

Choose the right piping

Improper sloping

Contrary to what you might think, gravity can actually play a huge role in ensuring that your drain and piping systems remain clean and unobstructed. The slope at which your pipes are aligned at can determine the rate of clogging that they are likely to experience. Hiring a professional to inspect your drain and piping layout can be crucial.


All drain and piping need to have proper venting mechanisms that ensure that the pressure in the pipes does not build up to unsustainable levels. When pressure builds to excessive levels, there is a huge likelihood that pipes will burst. When pipes eventually burst, it can be extremely expensive and cumbersome to repair them.

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