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Tips to prevent frozen pipes


With the bitter cold temperatures we have been experiencing this week, a lot of people are suffering with frozen pipes and burst pipes.

We have a few tips of things you can do to help prevent this from happening: 

If your home has a crawl-space:
-Consider putting heat tape and insulation on all water lines within the crawl space; at minimum you should cover all openings into the space, including any vent openings.
-If you can do so safely, you may also consider putting an electric heater in the crawl space.
-If you have access to the crawl space from within the home, you can leave the access door open to allow some heat to make its way into the space.

If your home has a basement:
-If your basement is normally closed off, open any heat vents that are in the basement and open any doors that lead to the main area of the home to allow heat to enter the basement.
-If you do not have heat vents in the basement, a good option is to run portable electric heaters there to help heat the area.

If you live in a slab home that has the main water line entering the home in a garage closet, you should consider placing portable electric heaters there to help heat the area.

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Drain Clearing Tips and Tricks

Justin sink strainer 4 1817

Drain Clearing Tips and Tricks for Your Home’s Plumbing

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The Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Before during after condenser small1

The Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance

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How to repair my broken furnace

Having furnace problems or think you may need a furnace repair?

Before you call an expert there are several things you can do to avoid a possible unnecessary service call if your furnace is not heating properly! I don’t want to be too obvious, but…
-Check your thermostat. Make sure the battery is not dead and all the setting are working correctly.
-Next, if you have liquid propane, check your fuel levels.

If they are okay, then it’s to the furnace room. Bring a flashlight, a piece of paper and a pen. Double check that the furnace is plugged in (yes, some of them have plugs!)
All furnaces should have a master safety switch. It looks like a light switch most of the time. Make sure it’s turn on. If you’re experienced and comfortable with an electrical tester, use one to make sure your electricity is functioning properly.

There are many types of furnaces and varied types of controls. Any one of them may be keeping you in the cold. The basic furnace controls monitor the flue gases, the pilot ignition sequence, the gas flow, combustion air flow and air circulation flow. Additionally there are control boards and other electrical controls. If you’re adventurous, you can open the furnace and find an electrical diagram that may help you understand the furnace.

I must stress that if you choose to work on your furnace yourself, please be careful. There are several places you or someone in your family could be hurt.

If you choose to call MasterTech, write down the brand name on that pen and paper. We would be proud to provide you with experienced assistance in repairing your furnace and not only keep your family warm, but safe too!


Why You Should Have a Heat Pump Installed?

For a homeowner, affordable HVAC which does not break down during seasonal changes and does not require costly upgrades on a regular basis is critical. Most residents of Columbia do not mind paying extra to engage professional plumbers and maintenance technicians from top firms like MasterTech for carrying out critical activities like heat pump installation. In locations like Columbia and surrounding areas where residents experience both extreme heat during summers and cold winds during winter a heat pump is an essential gadget to keep air and temperature within a home clean and manageable.

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