Sewer and Drain Inspections

Have you recently found that your home in Columbia is suffering from a drainage problem? A home’s sewer and drain system is not something that one typically thinks about on a day to day basis. When maintained regularly with care, a drainage or sewer system is unlikely to cause you much trouble. However, if you ignore what you are putting into your drain, you will soon find yourself with a problem that can be quite expensive to repair.

More often than not, a drainage problem does not mean that your sewer system is also compromised. If water is not draining properly, whether it is in your kitchen or your home’s bathrooms, there is a strong possibility that your drain may be clogged. Drains become clogged for a number of reasons. Soap scum, hair, dirt, debris and other foreign objects can cause this. Other less common causes include incorrect piping installation, damaged pipes and storms.

How does drain and sewer maintenance work?

When drains clog, it is important to hire a professional drain inspection service, such as Master Tech’s to inspect the problem. Drain and sewer inspection technicians will use a variety of tools and equipment including plungers, and environmentally drain cleaners to resolve a drain problem. In some cases, your piping may need to be replaced as well.

Sewer problems can be far more inconvenient. Sewers can encounter flow problems for the same reasons that drains do, but one of the most common causes of a sewer problem is tree root intrusion. Thankfully, sewer inspection has come a long way, with professionals now able to use automated machinery and CCTV cameras to identify and solve problems, without the need for digging up pipes that lie underground.

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