Sewer and Drain Inspections

Video inspections

Sewer and drain inspections are an essential part of making sure that your home is hygienic and safe for your family to live in. There should be a number of service providers around your locality in Columbia that will help you with video inspections of your drains and sewers. Video inspections also help identify any particularly troublesome places along the drain in case repair work needs to be performed. While being a little more expensive during the diagnostic phase of the process – it is effective and beneficial.

Before an inspection

A clean drain will help provide the best imaging for a video inspection of a drain. However, very rarely will there be clean drains in any household. As a result, the team conducting the inspection usually first attempts to clean the drain being inspected. A tube that sprays water at rather high pressure levels onto the sides of the drain will be sent down the opening of the drain to help remove sludge and any waste that is causing a blockage. Once this has been performed, the video camera will be sent down the opening of the drain to get a closer and more detailed look.

Things to avoid in video inspection

Price of the service is something that needs to be considered when it comes to video inspection of the drains. While there are some companies that will perform drain inspection for $99.00, they will usually charge a lot of money to perform any repairs that are detected during the inspection. Your best bet will be to get hold of a licensed plumber that also offers video inspection as part of the diagnostic procedure. Make sure that you are informed about all the costs before any work commences.

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