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Drain and Sewer Clearing Services

On any given day, over 50% of our plumbing service calls are for drain or sewer clearing. At MasterTech Plumbing, we know how to get your pipes flowing like new again.

Tree roots, drought and other environmental factors can cause serious damage to underground sewer lines. We offer a free camera inspection with main line sewer clearing. Call for details.

What Does Drain Clearing and Sewer Clearing Involve?

The process of drain or sewer clearing will depend entirely on the nature and scale of the blockage or clogging issue. The professionals at MasterTech Plumbing use a range of different techniques when going about sewer clearing. Some of the most common techniques we use include:

  • Cabling - the technician will use a specialized drain machine to clear common clogs like those found in kitchen and bathroom sinks, tub drains, clogged toilets and floor drains.
  • Jetting - this process uses a high pressure water system to flush out sediments, dirt and other debris. This is used when there is build-up in the pipes that the cable cannot easily clear.
  • Root intrusion from trees and plants that grow above sewer pipes can also be effectively removed by using sewer jet trucks equipped with a hydraulic motor as well as a cutting device.
  • If the drain and clog is easily accessible, the drain clearing process should be relatively easy for a trained technician. However some drain or sewer clearings require a toilet to be removed, an outside sewer cleanout to be installed, or other more intrusive measures to reach the clog.

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"Very professional, quick and courteous! Great customer service too. Chad was easy to work with and very professional while fixing our horrible sewer pipe issue. I appreciated the call in the morning, letting me know when a plumber was on his way, too!"
- Anna, Ashland, MO

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