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Sewer Line Repair and Replacement Services in Columbia, MO

Most individuals remain totally unaware of how their waste material may be effecting their sewer systems until problems arise. One of the first things that a homeowner or commercial establishment will notice is a rising water bill. Other symptoms of a sewer system problem will be greener regions in the lawn or garden, or unusual pools of water gathering around an establishment. If you have noticed any of these problems, call MasterTech Plumbing immediately before the problem becomes exacerbated.

In-Pipe Sewer Camera Inspections

We don't need to guess what's wrong with your sewer pipes, we have specially fitted cameras that will actually go through the pipe and show us the problem. Whether some tree roots have grown into the pipes or there is a clog, we will be able to show you exactly what is causing the problem so that we can offer you the best solutions for fixing it.

What Does Traditional Sewer Excavation Involve? How Does it Work?

The traditional sewer excavation method will generally mean that your home or commercial establishment will experience sewer outages for one to two days depending on the scale of the problem. Sewer line replacement will generally mean that any structures that lie above the piping will need to be removed before the problem can be dealt with, including landscaping and in some cases, your driveway or street.

The process of sewer excavation will then involve removing all the soil and dirt that lies above the sewer piping which will typically be placed beside the excavation site. Once the sewer is replaced or repaired, it will be covered with the previously excavated dirt and soil. The area above the piping must often be left for a period of at least six months to settle before trees and plants can be replanted.

Sewer Excavation That Will Improve Your Columbia Area Property

If you have a problem with your sewer system that requires a sewer excavation, there are three main reasons why you should choose the MasterTech excavating contractors:

  • Over 20 years of experience performing all sewer excavations, sewer line repairs and sewer line replacements
  • Appropriate sewer clearing procedures based on the nature and scale of the problem
  • Care and consideration for your property when going about sewer excavation

We also offer several financing options, with approved credit; we understand the stress of unexpected sewer repairs.

Call MasterTech Plumbing at (573) 777-3660 for All Sewer Excavation Services in Columbia, Centralia, Ashland and Surrounding Areas

What Causes Columbia Homes to Require a Sewer Line Repair or Replacement

Your sewer is the medium by which the waste is transported from your home or business down to the city’s aggregate sewer system. There are a number of ways in which your sewer system can become faulty, with damage to the piping being the most common. A sewer is just like any other part of your home and requires maintenance frequently, if you do not want to find yourself bogged down with waste material.

Common Sewer Line Issues Facing Columbia Homeowners

  • One common issue that many of clients call us to help with is that of pipe weathering. Both residential and commercial establishments typically use sewer pipe lines made with cast iron. The material has a shelf life of about 30 years after which it begins to break down due to the constant flow of water and waste material through them.
  • Pipe corrosion is another issue that needs to be rectified immediately. Your waste material consists of a number of chemicals that react with sewer pipes over time, causing them to corrode. In many cases, this material can build up around the circumference of your pipes, thereby clogging them as well.
  • A common problem in mid-Missouri, especially with older homes is intrusion by soil and tree roots. When this occurs, it is a sure fire sign that your sewer pipe has gaping holes that need to be sealed immediately to prevent further breakage and sewer clogs.

Options for a Sewer Line Repair or Replacement

MasterTech Plumbing offers a diverse range of solutions for replacing and repairing a sewer line. Sewer line repair is a methodical process, and when done incorrectly, can become hugely expensive. Among our most effective methods are ‘pipe bursting’ and ‘pipe lining’. Our extensive expertise in sewer line repair will ensure that your pipes remain consistently strong and durable.

Call Us at (573) 777-3660 Today for a Sewer Line Repair or Replacement in Columbia and Surrounding Areas

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"Very professional, quick and courteous! Great customer service too. Chad was easy to work with and very professional while fixing our horrible sewer pipe issue. I appreciated the call in the morning, letting me know when a plumber was on his way, too!"
- Anna, Ashland, MO

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