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Residential and Commercial Furnace Maintenance Service

If you live in the Columbia region, you realize the importance of having your home furnace functioning at maximum capacity during the colder months of fall and winter. Furnaces should be maintained at least once every six months to ensure that they are working optimally and not jeopardizing your own safety. It is extremely important to contact a professional furnace maintenance service that can properly inspect and clean your furnace in a timely manner.

At MasterTech Heating and Cooling, all of our HVAC technicians are very experienced in dealing with furnace maintenance and tune ups.

Proper Maintenance of Your Furnace Increases the Life of Your System

There are a number of ways in which your furnace can malfunction. In many cases, residents will not notice these problems until they are reflected in high energy consumption bills. A furnace is a complex piece of equipment that integrates a variety of different components. At MasterTech, we will begin our furnace maintenance by verifying whether any of these parts have become weathered or loose. Loose parts can reduce energy efficiency as well as compromise ventilation systems.

We will then check all the electrical circuitry within the unit to identify whether your thermostats are working effectively. Faulty thermostats can cause residents a great deal of inconvenience and discomfort.

Gas pressure is also extremely important for resident safety. When gas pressure builds to large amounts, the furnace itself may begin vibrating and may even fail completely. We can adjust gas pressure and ensure that is maintained at sustainable levels.

We will also check, clean or replace other components of the furnace such as its ignition system, air filter and pilot burners. Even if there is a single component that is malfunctioning, your furnace may behave erratically, and your energy expenses will rise.

Having a Regular Furnace Tune Up Saves Time on Furnace Repairs in Your Columbia Home

There is no alternative to proper cleaning and maintenance of your furnace. Furnace maintenance isn’t typically a long and drawn out process as long as you set up fixed tune up schedules. The professionals at MasterTech can help you manage this and undertake any kind of furnace tune ups or maintenance work within the smallest of timeframes.

For Furnace Tune Ups, Maintenance, and Repairs in Columbia MO and Surrounding Areas Call (573) 777-3660 Today.

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- Chris, Centralia, MO

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