Meet the Master Technicians
& Mighty Nice People!

  • Jerry - General Manager


    General Manager

    If you like Western movies and novels about frontier adventures, you and Jerry could be friends! Jerry started working at MasterTech in 2003 as a Service
    Technician and is now the General Manager. Jerry and his wife Shelly live on a small farm near Boonville, with their daughter Kalani attending college nearby. His two sons both serve in the U.S. Air Force: Josh lives in Florida when not stationed in Afghanistan, and Logan and his wife Courtney and Jerry’s new grandson reside in Germany. Jerry enjoys the family work environment of MasterTech and being able to share his knowledge and experiences with a true group of professionals who give their best every day. While spending time with family and friends is at the top of his priority list, he also enjoys hunting, fishing, and working outdoors around his farm.

  • Chris

    Service Consultant

    Chris is a lifelong resident of Columbia and lives here with his wife. He enjoys anything outdoors including fishing, camping and being his son’s biggest fan while he professionally races ATVs. He enjoys listening to country music and eating BBQ. Chris’s favorite thing about working at MasterTech is being able to work with his hands, being outdoors and helping our customers!

  • Nathan

    Excavation Foreman

    Nathan has worked at MasterTech for more than 10 years! When he is not saving people from the trenches (literally), Nathan enjoys anything and everything outdoors and spending time with his family. Nathan was the winner of the MasterTech Chili Cook-Off, and his recipe was chosen as the winner of the 7th Annual Rootin’ Tootin’ Chili Cook-Off which supports the Boys and Girls Club of Columbia! Nathan is married to Heather and they have three daughters – Lizzie, Josie and Carly.

  • Chad

    Service Technician

    Chad has been with MasterTech for 10 years and our customers have enjoyed working with him as much as his fellow employees! He and his wife Lori live in Pilot Grove with their two daughters, Chloe and Leah. In the summer time, he enjoys gardening, from which he cans THE most amazing salsa – it’s no surprise that Mexican food is his favorite. He can also be found coaching his daughters’ sports teams in his spare time. He enjoys everyone he works with here at MasterTech, and being able to take care of his customers’ plumbing problems is one of the most satisfying aspects of his job.

  • Nate Head - Service Technician

    Nate Head

    Service Technician

    Nate is a native of Mexico, MO who loved it so much that he still resides there with his wife Lyndsie and their son Oakley in a home just down the road from his boyhood home. They are a family that very much enjoys outdoor activities together, especially hunting, fishing, and looking for arrowheads. Seeking out new adventures, or “treasure hunting” as Oakley calls them, has become a cherished family bonding endeavor.

    The love of fishing has led Nate to join the KBF (Kayak Bass Fishing) National Tournament Trail. During the Spring and Summer, it’s not unusual for him to spend his weekends traveling around the nation to compete on some of the best fishing lakes in the country.

    When it comes to food, Nate is a fan of Chinese and Mexican cuisine, but said he isn’t picky. “A good ol’ fashioned cheeseburger sounds pretty good most of the time, too!” (WE AGREE!)

    We asked Nate what he likes about working at MasterTech and he said it’s really about the family feel and the sense that “we have each other’s back” atmosphere. “From day 1, I felt like I could call on anyone if I ran into a situation and needed some help handling it. Everyone is really awesome and I’m proud to be part of this team!”

    Nate exhibits enthusiasm for his work and appreciation for most things in life. Early into his career with us, he’s already received multiple glowing reviews for his work and friendly nature!

  • Max Warehouse Manager


    Warehouse Manager

    Max is a bit of a car guy. In fact, he currently owns 7 cars and a motorcycle. To expound a bit on his interest, he actually enjoys working on cars in his spare time so he buys them, fixes them up and then sells them when the right opportunity comes along. His mechanical abilities, work ethic, intelligence, and good nature have made him a valuable member of our team.

    He grew up in Callaway County and still lives there. When he isn’t working on cars or at MasterTech, he might be found watching South Park on TV or playing Fallout on Xbox.

    Working hard builds up an appetite, and Max is a fan of Mexican food…so much so that about once a week he visits a dining establishment to fill up on it!

    When discussing what he likes about working at MasterTech, he said he appreciates the friendly people and work culture. He also enjoys the variety of duties and responsibilities entrusted to him. We agree, and Max has proven to be just the kind of person that fits in well with our team. He’s humble, hungry (not just for food!) and smart.

  • Laura

    Business Manager

    Laura has been Russ’s right-hand (wo)man since it all began, over 25 years ago! She is the magic behind most things MasterTech and you can’t help but smile when talking to her on the phone. When Laura is not working, which is not often, she enjoys cooking, reading, and watching movies. Some of her favorites are “Red,” “Dan in Real Life,” “The Holiday,” and “White Christmas.” Why has Laura stayed with MasterTech for so long? “I enjoy the people, the food they bring in for special occasions, laughing with my coworkers. I enjoy the emphasis on improving ourselves as individuals and as a company.” Oh, and if you want to give Laura a gift of appreciation, she’s pretty easy to please: chocolate.

  • Joe

    Marketing Manager

    Joe is a self-proclaimed “Marketing Junky” who sang brand jingles to his infant children instead of lullabies. He has 2 daughters, Gretchen & Kyra, and has been married to Teresa for 21 years. As a family, they enjoy visiting waterparks.

    He grew up in Kirksville, MO, but has lived in Columbia since 2001. Joe enjoys watching sports, movies, and tv and listening to music. The Mizzou Tigers are his main sports passion, but he also follows the Baltimore Orioles and Indianapolis Colts. Some other favorite things include:

    Author: Max Lucado

    Bands: Survivor and Casting Crowns

    Music: 80s rock, classic country, blue grass, and Christian rock

    Food: Pizza, especially with ham & pineapple toppings! (Special shout out to Monical’s Pizza in O’Fallon, MO and Pagliai’s Pizza in Kirksville, MO)

    TV Shows: Last Man Standing, October Road, Royal Pains, and Burn Notice

  • Russ - Owner



    In 1990, Russ Duker started a plumbing company out of a single van. Today, MasterTech Plumbing, Heating and Cooling is one of the best service companies in Mid-Missouri. Russ is still a Master Plumber, but he now focuses on taking MasterTech to new heights. As a successful business owner of 30 years, Russ is passionate about improving customer satisfaction. He believes in using digital tools to better serve you – our customers. Russ is a proud resident of Columbia, MO, and he continues to lead MasterTech’s team of Master Technicians and Mighty Nice People.

  • Annette

    Co-Owner/Warehouse Manager

    Annette was born in Oxford, Ohio and has been living in Columbia for over 25 years. Annette is married to Russ and they have 3 grown children, Rebecca, Rachel and Nathaniel and three grandsons, Matthew, Tristan and Connor. Annette enjoys quilting and doing activities with her family. She enjoys watching The Three Musketeers and eating pizza. Annette enjoys working for MasterTech because, well…she has the best boss!