Clogged Sewer Lines in Your Columbia Home? Check for Tree Roots

Understand early warning signs

Sewer lines are an integral part of the plumbing system in your Columbia house. We generally do not pay much attention what happens in the sewer lines, not unless a problem crops up. Blockage within the sewer lines may lead to a clog, which in turn can lead to backing up of waste water from the drains in your house. This is both unhealthy and is a potential source of damage to the house.
One of the most common reasons for clogging of sewer lines is tree roots. You need to understand what some of the early warning signs are and be prepared to respond accordingly. Backing up of water is the most common warning sign. If the problem becomes really serious you will have to opt for a rooter service.

What are some of the measures to prevent this?

Tree roots will naturally be attracted towards sewer lines as it is a source of water, oxygen and more. A few precautionary steps can prevent the level of damage.

Location of sewer lines

Before you plant trees, shrubs or even start a landscaping project in your house, find out where exactly the sewer lines are located. This will allow you to maintain a safe distance between the roots and the sewer lines.

Barriers between tree roots and sewer lines

There are methods to dissuade root growth near or towards the sewer lines. You can spread copper sulphate or potassium hydroxide near the sewer lines. These work as growth inhibitors and are slow-release chemicals.

Be smart with your landscaping plan

Big trees with roots that grow deep should be kept as far away from the sewer lines as possible. If you do plant trees near the sewer lines, ensure that they are slow growing ones and that their roots don’t grow deep.
A little bit of precaution and planning can save you a lot of money in expensive repair of clogged sewer lines. Seek professional help of rooter service if the matter goes out of hand.

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